Selected Speakers

Stephen Mbogo
    Stephen Mbogo is the CEO and international team leader of African Enterprise. He holds a PhD from Biola University. He will speaking on the topic of National Discipleship and chairs the track on Government and Leadership.

Paul Eshleman
    Paul Eshleman provides leadership to numerous coalitions and ministry networks, and leads the Strategy Working Group for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism. He serves as Director for the "Finishing the Task" Movement, seeking to enlist churches to take responsibility for over 1,100 Unengaged, Unreached People Groups throughout the world who have never heard the name of Jesus. He will be speaking on the topic of "Essential Elements of the Great Commission."

Gbile Akanni
    Gbile Akanni is a teacher of God's word. He is particularly involved in discipleship, leadership development and ministerial oversight in the body of Christ. He currently leads the Living Seed Team, an interdenominational; trans-denominational ministry raising men and women for revival and cross cultural mission outreach in the nations. He will be speaking on the topics of "Discipleship According to Jesus," and "Discipling Leaders."

Apostle Onyinah
    Apostle Opoku Onyinah is the leader of the Church of Pentecost, the largest denomination in Ghana, with over 2 million members. Opoku will be speaking on the topic of The Disciple-Making Church.

Obed Alvarez
    Obed Alvarez is the founder of the New World Missions Association, based in Peru. It is the largest mission training and sending organization in Latin America. Obed will be speaking on the topic of Transforming an Entire Nation through Mission.

Hisham Kamel
    Hisham Kamel is the founder and director of the Arabic Communications Center, which broadcasts the gospel via satellite throughout the Arab world. Hisham will be speaking on the topic of how to reach Arabs for Christ.

Minoru Okuyama
    Minoru Okuyama is the founder and director of the Missionary Training Center in Japan. He has served as chariman of both the Asia Missions Association and the Third World Mission Association. He will be speaking on the topic of reaching Buddhists with the gospel.
Gabriel Barau
    Gabriel Barau is chairman of the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association. He is also the founder and director of one of the largest Nigerian mission agencies. He will be speaking on the topic of "Leading Like Jesus."
Yong Cho
    Yong Cho is the international director of the Global Network of Mission Structures, and was the coordinator of the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consulatation. He will be speaking on the topic of national mission sending.
Marv Newell
    Dr. Marvin J. Newell is Senior Vice President of Missio Nexus, a network that connects evangelical mission agencies, churches and training centers across North America. Previously he served as a missionary to Indonesia, a mission administrator, a professor of missions, and director of a missions association. He is the author of: A Martyr's Grace, Commissioned: What Jesus Wants You to Know as You Go and Expect Great Things: Mission Quotes that Inform and Inspire.