The journey to Ghana 2013 began in 2010 at the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation (see www.tokyo2010.org). Celebrating 100 years of progress since Edinburgh 1910, the theme of the consultation was "Making disciples of every people in our generation." Sensing that God was speaking to his global church to make the discipling of all peoples a priority for this generation, the African delegates to Tokyo 2010 decided to bring the spirit and vision of the consultation to the continent of Africa. The Ghana Evangelical Missions Association, together with the Ghana Evangelization Center, took up the challenge to host the event and form a host committee. The international committee is composed of many of the organizers and partners of the Tokyo 2010 gathering, including the Third World Missions Association, the Global Network of Mission Structures, the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association, the US Center for World Mission, MissioNexus, and the Asia Missions Association, among others.