Registration Fees

The registration fee for Ghana 2013 registration includes room and board, the conference fee, and transportation to and from the airport. The basic cost is $300 for Ghanaians, $350 for other Africans, $400 for developing nations outside of Africa and $500 for those coming from developed nations. There is a $50 discount for those who register before July 1.

The higher fee for developed nations will be used to help subsidize the cost for those coming from developing nations. All international delegates will be required to pay the basic fee even if they decide not to stay at the Pentecost Convention Center. We highly recommend that everyone stay together at the Center. The one exception is for Ghanaian pastors and leaders who are staying offsite due to ministry demands and who may only be able to attend part of the consultation. In such cases, the fee will be reduced to $150.

There are three options for making payment. The first is to pay in cash on site on September 25th. The second is to pay in advance to your country coordinator. The third is to pay online using a credit card. The fourth is to mail a check to the international coordinating office. Once your application is approved, you will hear from your country or regional coordinator by email about the preferred method(s) of payment.